Girdwood Fungus Fair

We put the "Fun" in Fungus Fair

The Turnagain Arm

Mycological Society is

excited to announce the

 2023 Girdwood Fungus Fair!

Sept. 2-3rd 2023

The schedule of events will be posted in late July.

Registration for forays and workshops will open in mid-August.

Start your iNaturalist account and sign up for the 2023 Fungus Fair Micoblitz - Girdwood, AK .

2023 Fungus Fair Presenters and Visiting Mycologists include:

Shannon Adams

Shannon's interest in fungi started 20 years ago when she moved to the Pacific Northwest and was inspired to paint mushrooms after seeing the wide variety of species in the Seattle region. Today, she is more interested in fungal taxonomy with a particular focus on the genus Cortinarius where she works on observing, collecting, identifying and describing new species. She currently has over 700 collections in her personal herbarium and has recently published her first species. Over the years Shannon has also been involved in teaching botanical illustration and fungal microscopy. 

Joe Zapotosky;

Joe is a myco enthusiast who hails from the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) … A longtime member of the Puget Sound Mycological Society – he leads groups at club Forays and assists at ID clinics. Joe currently holds a position on the society’s Board. Over the years his interest in Fungi has transitioned from collecting for the table (which he still enjoys) to understanding their ecological role. A pursuit presumably with no end.

Allison and Gabe (Far North Fungi):


Gabe and Allison started their gourmet mushroom business Far North Fungi, in 2016, but have been obsessed with mushrooms for over a decade. Genetics, foraging, mycomaterials, farming and beyond, they have a breadth of knowledge. Join them in either their cultivation or tincture workshops to grow your own mushrooms, make your own tincture and learn how fungi can be incorporated into a sustainable future.

Teresa Paquet:

Teresa is a fungus dye hobbyist who was first introduced to dyeing with mushrooms in  and has since attended many dye workshops since. "I enjoy the process and the results, which are typically a surprise. You never know what you are going to get!. She is a member of the Turnagain Arm Mycological Society and has assisted with and presented dye workshops held at the Fungus Fair over the last several years

Bruce Welkovich:

Bruce Welkovich has been a photographer since taking a darkroom course at summer camp as a teen.  He was the photo editor of his high school yearbook and college newspaper, and he’s had the privilege of traveling around the world chasing the next best photo, including stints in Micronesia, Antarctica, and Nepal.  After photographing wildflowers for years, he accidentally came across a beautiful, blue, Chlorociboria mushroom in Anchorage, and an obsession was born!  You can see some of his photos on Instagram @MushroomsOfAlaska 

Fungus Fair is brought to you by the Turnagain Arm Mycological Society.